Terms and Conditions

I. Clarifications

Welcome to Research Writers Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions stated herein are clauses between research-writers.com and all those who connect with us in various ways such as signing up for our online writing services. It is presumed that when an individual seeks for our academic writing services that he has thoroughly read, comprehended, and agreed with our Terms and Conditions – that he has to legally adhere to the Terms and Conditions which comprises the contract between clients and nursingwriter.com. Our academic writing services are only available and obtainable by individuals of legal age.

To understand this page clearer, bear in mind that under our Terms and Conditions we may refer to anyone who requests for our services as “you”, “customer”, or “clients”. Also, we may refer to research-writers.com as “we”, “our”, or “us”. Meanwhile, we may refer to the dissertation, paper review, coursework writing, admission papers and any of our writing services as “products” or “services”.

II. How to Order

A. You can begin the process of placing your service order from us by filling out an online request form, which requires information necessary for the proper execution of your application.

B. The personal information you provide in the online forms serves solely for the purpose of the fulfilling of the contact between you and research-writers.com. The personal data you supply to us such as email addresses, addresses, or phone digits would not be in any circumstances shared to third parties. These contact details are used for communication between client and us, for updates, clarifications, and reports on progress about the request or ongoing work.

C. After filling out all required spaces and information, we evaluate your order through your level of study, deadline, number of pages or words, unique features and specific instructions, and other factors need to be considered in creating your order.

D. Once everything is settled and you have made your payment, only would we start working on your request and begin counting down to the agreed due date.

E. After work completion, your order will be delivered to the email you provided in the beginning of your application.

III. Policy on Plagiarism

research-writers.com has the least tolerance to plagiarism. We strongly prohibit deceptive actions on academic writing. At the beginning of your contract with us, you agree that the writing that we create for you cannot be distributed or shared to other parties. We firmly keep copyright laws and expect that our clients honor the same. To be clear, the academic papers that we provide to our clients serve as models and assistance to students where they can learn and hone their abilities in and not for other non-academic purposes. In instances where our products are being misused in illegal, unethical, and other unlawful ways, we are not held liable for it. Possible consequences for these exploitative acts are lawsuits, poor grade results, failure, and academic procedures such as disciplinary action, suspension, and even expulsion. As clients to research-writers.com, you are accountable to the proper use of the materials we provide you and should not use it to any illegal or unethical manner.

IV. Excellence and Money-Back Guarantee

Once you choose research-writers.com to provide you academic writing manuscripts, you are assured services that are well-researched, keeps proper grammar and language, applies proper formatting and all instructions, and completely free from plagiarism. However, the final judgment on the quality of your paper depends on your professor and we do not guarantee that you will receive the grades you expect. We do not give back refunds for the sole reason of grades that are below your expectation. We create the best version based on the topic and instructions that you provide. If desired, you can rephrase our product to your own liking and add your own creative touch and knowledge.

V. Free Revision Guarantee

Upon receiving the completed work and you find matters that need to be improved, edited, or revised, you may contact us right away. Revision of our products is free of charge. You are encouraged to thoroughly review the writing we created for you so that you can have it modified within the few days of allowance we give our customers for any changes. Modifications however should still be consistent with the original instructions you gave us the first day. If the alterations you require is different from the initial order, then the action is subject to additional fees.

Our Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice. You acknowledge and consent to these possible changes. Therefore you are highly encouraged to check our Terms and Conditions regularly in order to be updated.


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